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User Profile - Leftdog

User Name : Leftdog
Real Name : Anonymous
Blog : none
Website : http://buckdogpolitics.blogspot.com/
Gender : Male
Location : Saskatchewan Canada
Joined : Apr 06, 2008
Last Seen : Apr 06, 2008
Birthday : Jul 19,
Status : Member
Occupation : n/a
Messages : 0 unread

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2014-11-20 - Why Does Stephen Harper, His Government And Every Single Member of The Conservative Party Of Canada INSIST ON STEALING Billions From Canada's Veterans??
2014-11-10 - (Former Lord) Conrad Black Continues To Be A Disgusting Example Of The Self Centred, Self Serving Right Wing ..... just sayin'
2014-11-06 - SNC-Lavalin Got Harpers Corporate Tax Cut - Made Huge Profits - Will Now Axe 4000 Jobs!
2014-11-04 - Scotia Bank Got Harper's Tax Cut - Have Made $5.7 B Profit So Far In 2014 AND NOW WILL CUT 1500 Jobs!!
2014-11-03 - 86% Of Canadians WILL NOT BENEFIT From The Conservatives 'Income Splitting Tax Cut' .... Only For The Rich!!
2014-11-02 - UN Warns Of Irreversible Climate Change Without Concerted Change - Harper Guilty Of Environmental Criminal Negligence
2014-10-22 - Shooting On Parliament Hill In Ottawa !!!
2014-10-01 - Canada's Corporate Welfare Bums Sitting On $575 BILLION Hoard Thanks To Harper Conservaties Tax Cuts ....
2014-09-26 - Under A Harper Conservative Government, When Canada Talks To The World ... No One Listens Anymore ...
2014-09-24 - Andrew Scheer Is The WORST House Of Commons Speaker In The Entire History Of Canada's Parliament!!
2014-09-23 - Harper Refuses To Answer ANY Questions On Iraq Mission - Partisan House Of Commons Speaker Andrew Scheer Refuses To Follow Rules Of The House!!
2014-09-22 - "Coming up next .. Are ISIS terrorists hiding under your bed waiting for you to fall asleep? Our experts say 'It's possible'! '
2014-09-19 - The New Democrats Get It Right On Iraq - Walkom
2014-09-17 - Scotland Aye!!
2014-09-16 - Saskatchewan Taxpayers Cough Up Millions To Open Doors For Premier Brad Wall With American Republican Lawmakers

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